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The big fat deal: the life-changing power of metabolic flexibility

Metabolic flexibility is a bit of a buzzword in health and wellness circles. With reason. It’s one of those key concepts that can change your life. It changed mine, freeing me from cravings and that “I need to eat now!” imperative that distracted me from things I wanted to do. It also allowed me to indulged a long-standing love of fat, a fabulous ingredient key to enjoying what you eat.

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3 strategies to show up full throttle no matter what

How do you maintain your energy levels? What do you do to have more energy? If your body cannot create the energy it needs, the brain, which is an energy hog, panics and returns to a primitive state focused on fear, hunger, or procreation. You know the symptoms: forgetfulness, cravings, brain fog, drowsiness, anger, lack of willpower. Here are 3 strategies to keep you showing up full throttle.

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