Everyday Biohacking

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…just for a moment, that you sleep like a baby and feel full of energy and motivation all the time. Imagine that you get more done and are happier. Imagine a life with no brain fog and no food cravings. What if you could access limitless energy to face whatever life offers or throws at you, so you can achieve your goals or just be… more.

This is no dream. It’s the goal of everyday biohacking—a simple approach tailored to you that starts with what you eat, takes a look at your habits and how you move, and allows you to reach a state of peak performance on demand.


what is everyday biohacking?

It is the art and science of optimizing body, mind, and environment to find out how you perform at your best. Our body is key to how we perform on a daily basis, and it is highly dependent on what we eat, our habits, and our environment. Everyday biohacking sets out to fine tune all of these areas, applying hacks adapted to your life and your goals. Based on the latest science and testing things out, biohacking looks at nutrition, recovery, sleep, exercice, habits, breathing, emotions, and more. The goal is to get it all working together to help you achieve your goals.

If we break down the word, “bio” refers to biology. The body. By understanding how the body works, we can improve our energy levels, our mental clarity, and our relationship to other people, improving everything we do. The “hacking” part refers to finding the most effective strategies to get more impact with less effort.

The word “biohacking” made it into the dictionary thanks to Dave Asprey, an entrepreneur and computer engineer who used the approach to systematically solve his health problems and now hopes to live a long and healthy life with it. Among other things, he heads up the Human Potential Institute where I was trained as a Certified Human Potential Coach (the course is accredited by the International Coaching Federation). Biohacking techniques are popular with high-level executives, Navy SEALs, and top athletes looking to continually improve their physical and mental performance. And they are accessible to everyone.


The principle of minimum effort

Our brain has two key objectives: ensuring our survival and expending the least amount of energy possible. With an understanding of how the body works, you can use this to your advantage, finding hacks that provide maximum impact with minimum effort, or what I call MIMEs. It’s like the Pareto Principle, which states that around 80% of the effects come from 20% of causes—biohacking will focus on the 20% that have the greatest effect.


the principle of the individual in an ecosystem

Both biohacking and human potential coaching look at the individual in his or her ecosystem. We are all influenced by both our external environment (light, air quality, household and beauty products, as well as our relationships) and our internal environment (our genetics, our microbiome—impacted by what we eat—and also our emotions, thoughts, and aspirations).

This means we are all perfectly unique, one of a kind, each a complex system resulting from our genetics, our environment, our experience, and many other factors. In other words, what works for me will not necessarily work for you. There is no secret recipe, no magic pill.


the principle of experimentation and personal choice

As a result, biohacking implies personal experimentation. In the end, you know best what is best for your body, your mind, and your environment. What if you were to learn to use your own instant feedback system, to listen more closely and become the best version of yourself?

In everyday biohacking, you study who you are, observing and measuring the impact of different foods, products, and actions. You can quantify and use smart devices if you want.

This allows you to optimize, to observe the results, and then to course correct. You take charge of your body/mind and focus on what you want to improve—physical abilities, cognitive function, energy levels, vitality, efficience, focus, resilience, creativity—you chose where you start and where you want to go.



Upgrade your personal ecosystem

Make an appointment to review your personal ecosystem and come up with an action plan.

Quantify. Optimize. Analyze. Adjust.

Using contributions, tools and strategies from nutrition, positive psychology, the psychology of success, and the latest advances in neuroscience, biohacking combined with human potential coaching is based on a simple principle: Stop doing what makes you weak. Do more of what makes you strong.

Measure the results and course correct. Start over again. You can apply this approach to designing your lifestyle, your daily practices, and your habits. It allows you to pinpoint what serves you best to optimize your energy levels, find mental clarity, and make the best use of your time and emotions.

Discover it today.