The big fat deal: the life-changing power of metabolic flexibility

Metabolic flexibility is a bit of a buzzword in health and wellness circles. With reason. It’s one of those key concepts that can change your life. It changed mine, freeing me from cravings and that “I need to eat now!” imperative that distracted me from things I wanted to do. It also allowed me to indulged a long-standing love of fat, a fabulous ingredient key to enjoying what you eat.

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3 strategies to show up full throttle no matter what

How do you maintain your energy levels? What do you do to have more energy? If your body cannot create the energy it needs, the brain, which is an energy hog, panics and returns to a primitive state focused on fear, hunger, or procreation. You know the symptoms: forgetfulness, cravings, brain fog, drowsiness, anger, lack of willpower. Here are 3 strategies to keep you showing up full throttle.

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Is your lifestyle making you weak?

Chronic stress, excessive sitting, not enough sleep, poor food… there’s quite enough cause in our modern lifestyles for concern. Statistics show startling increases in macular degeneration, which leads to blindness, not to mention a full panoply of chronic diseases we hear so much about. And now, studies reveal that our kids have weak bones from not enough activity and crooked teeth from soft food. How is your lifestyle making you weak?

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Anne TragerBody Hacks
Good stress, bad stress — understand the difference and use it to perform better

The world is complex. Everything is speeding up. Stress is an epidemic. We all know the symptoms: fatigue, anxiety, weight gain, poor sleep, digestive issues, and on and on.

What if you could get some distance from the stressors and even reap some benefits? It’s time to understand stress instead of being subjected to it. Use it to become more resilient. Don’t be a victim.

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Anne TragerStress Hacks
Getting my knees back

How I recovered my knees, reduced my wrinkles, increased the strength and flexibility of my joints, made my bones stronger, and my skin more hydrated ... I got so many benefits by being stubborn. Well, and from the discovery of collagen protein, thanks to Dave Asprey.

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The art and science of sleeping like a baby

Sleeping well is both an art and a science. Yet a quarter of the population complain about lack of sleep, and one-third say they suffer from sleep disorders—those statistics come from France, so imagine what it is like elsewhere. Even if you do sleep eight hours a night, is it optimal, uninterrupted, and truly restorative sleep?

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Are you in the high-performance zone?

How do you feel everyday? Exhausted, distracted? Subjected to your life rather than an actor in creating it? Or do you feel present, thoughtful, and dynamic? For the most part, we are somewhere in between. Fortunately, it is possible to sway the balance and spend a whole lot more time in a high-performance zone.

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