Well-being Junkie

Certified human potential coach

When I was a kid, I was thrown into the world without a framework, an orphan, literally forgotten by my father. And yet, I learned to thrive whatever the circumstances, determined to live my life my way, following my dreams with optimism and enthusiasm. When I was twenty, I left my home in the United States, choosing to be an expatriate in France.

Over time, my path turned into an all-out quest to understand human performance and well-being that has lasted for over 25 years. I am trained in cutting-edge techniques to optimize human potential and apply the MIME principle—maximum impact, minimum effort—certain that life is made to be lived fully, and harboring an unbridled aspiration to do just that. I strive to explore both science and traditional knowledge seeking to find what nourishes our capacity to create a positive and optimistic future, which corresponds to out innate potential.

Bicultural, I embody a combination of American get-up-and-go and French savoir-vivre. I bring with me many years of experience in international communications, training and facilitation for European institutions. I am also a black belt and French national champion in Vietnamese martial arts, I teach tai chi, qi gong, and meditation, and I am a Certified Human Potential Coach, trained by the Bulletproof Human Potential Training Institute (USA), a course accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).