Well-Being Junkie

Certified human potential coach

I’m straight-talking, optimistic, and a pretty badass dreamer committed to building a positive future, one person at a time. I do this by opening doors to the possibilities that come from having the energy and time you need to live the life that matters most to you. I believe we all have what it takes to show up fully and thrive among chaos of today’s time-crunched, information-overloaded world.

I know something about chaos. I was thrown into a world without a framework—orphaned when my mother died, and the only one of six siblings to be literally forgotten by my father. I learned to thrive no matter what, fascinated by getting things done on my own terms. When I was a young teen, I knew I could define my future with decisions and determination—what else was there? I went to France. Then I stayed. I became a chef. I went to China. I translated books. I went into publishing. I worked for international companies in communications. I learned tango and went to Argentina. I started my own publishing house. I became a black belt and won the French national championship in Vietnamese martial arts—at the age of 50. All through decision and determination. Because I could.

Over time, two countries (the US and France), and several professional lives, my quest has become one to understand human performance day in and day out. Truth be told, I’m a well-being junkie, completely obsessed with the whole human, each of us part of our own ecosystem. I love biohacking and I trained in cutting-edge techniques to optimize human potential, becoming a Certified Human Potential Coach from the Bulletproof Human Potential Training Institute (USA), and I am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

I do have a superpower: simplifying the complex and getting straight to the point. That’s how I share what I’ve learned and why I apply the MIME principle—maximum impact, minimum effort—certain that life is made to be lived fully. Let’s be clear: I have an unbridled aspiration to do just that, with a bicultural mix of American get-up-and-go and French savoir-vivre.

All that to say I aspire to lightness of being, a state where beauty springs from the cracks, where flavors explode, where the unexpected is a source of joy, and where imperfections hold the seed of excellence.