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You bring your experience and your aspirations. I simplify the complex and hone in on the lastest strategies and tools, and together we figure out how to optimize your life, drawing from human potential coaching, biohacking, positive psychology, and neuroscience, with added insights from my experience with traditional practices—mindfulness, meditation, martial arts, tai chi/qi gong, and gourmet cooking. 


Everyday Biohacking

Biohacking is the art and science of optimizing your environment, your body and your mind to find and maintain a state of high performance. Based on the latest research and time-proven techniques, it is possible to fine tune your nutrition, exercise, recovery, sleep, breathing, habits, and more so that they all contribution to achieving your goals. My approach to everyday biohacking is simple, tailored to you, and can help you access your best self whenever you want. Read more about biohacking.

coaching de vie et de performance

CoaChing for Performance and Well-being

As a Certified Human Potential Coach trained by the Human Potential Institute (which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation), I offer top-of-the-line coaching. I’ll talk straight to you, and I’ll challenge you to find the time, commit, and turn theory into practice so you can have more energy everyday and do what you need and want to do, whatever it is.

Une approche personnalisée

Tailored to you

Everybody is different, so together we co-create a framework to meet your needs a path tailored to you. Based on the latest science and who you are and want to be, we will test practices, processes, habits and lifestyle changes to find what works for you.

une approche intégrale

A whole-person approach

The mind stems from the body just as the body stems from the mind. Our work together will look at the whole ecosystem that is you. I bring to the table more than 25 years of martial arts, tai chi/qi gong, and mindfulness meditation, along with my coaching training.

  • A 360° approach that encompasses, nutrition, movement and exercice, sleep, recovery, stress management, resilience, and cognitive performance.

  • Strategies to improve your energy levels, environment and emotional intelligence.

  • Work on your vision, aspirations, values, strengths, and shadows.

  • An exploration of your own state of high performance.

  • Identification of destructive habits and construction of habits that move you forward.


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À la carte coaching

The buck stops with you all day long, but who holds you up? Everyone needs to have someone they can "not know" with, a non-judgmental ally you can really talk to. I can help you find the energy, time and vision to achieve your goals and get the most out of life everyday. Let’s talk about it (first call is free).

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