What people are saying…

Anne possesses a quality that is priceless among coaches: straight talk. Her ability to listen, her authenticity, and the pertinence of her questions enabled me to perceive the challenges I was facing from a new perspective and to find the courage to overcome them.
— E. Clément, business founder

I began coaching with Anne Trager when I was overwhelmed. From session to session, her support, kind listening and the diverse array of tools and exercises she offered up allowed me to better understand what I was facing and to get back in control of my personal organization. This experience was very enriching and offered a real breath of fresh air.
— Isabelle T., management assistant

Anne’s help was instrumental in making the changes that have already taken my life to the next level. I’m not sure I would have ever reached this point without her coaching and poking me about what I want most in my life. Right now, I’m fully working towards all the goals we talked about over a year ago and even some new ones! I’m half a year into working on my own business as a freelance design consultant and so far, it’s been the most enjoyable work I’ve ever done. Getting out of my own head with Anne showed me that it’s very possible to have and achieve our dreams and goals, we just need to align them all together and then #DOTHEWORK!!! Thanks for all the help Anne!
— Kristen A., Designer
Anne opened up the possibility for me to see my strengths and values and to set goals aligned with these new discoveries and with who I am. Using a combination of approaches, she enabled me to center, clarify my vision of the future, and identify how I wanted to be a part of that. This coaching helped me enormously to move forward both personally and professionally. I recommend Anne to anyone looking for meaning, change, and well-being.
— Angela T., service delivery manager

With empathy and accuracy, Anne succeeds in getting us to open our Pandora’s box. After revealing and naming the deep mechanisms of action that arouse both physical and moral discomfort, she helps us to implement daily lifestyle changes and positive thoughts that lead to well-being. She takes us on an inner exploration that leads to self-knowledge, allowing us to face some of our demons, and resulting in a beneficial liberation.
— Frédérique M., chief of staff

Anne is a dynamic and skilled coach who will know how to support you to achieve your goals thanks to her wealth of experience and the variety of highly effective methods she uses.
— Frédéric S., aeronautic engineer

I got results by implementing the right tools to advance a project that was really important to me and that I was having trouble starting. She provided a good basis which goes beyond that one project and today helps me to better manage my priorities.
— Florence B., air traffic control engineer