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I offer several packages to discover the Optimized. Energized. approach and help you move towards the expression of your best self. I work by videoconference, telephone, and in person, around the world.


Review you ecosystem

So much goes into peak performance—nutrition, recovery, sleep, movement, exercise, habits, breathing, emotions, and more. Together, we will review the key areas you can biohack in order for them to contribute actively to achieving your goals, co-creating a roadmap to optimize your body, mind and environment.


3 or 6 sessions

Feeling overwhelmed with obligations, demands, stress, things to do? It’s time to take a breath and get back in control with 3 to 6 sessions of Human Potential Coaching to step out of the rat race, reboot your energy, and reframe your time. Make an appointment for a free call to see if this is the right option for you.


6 months of unlimited coaching + curated resources

I know there are only so many three-hour workshops and online programs you can follow. I know your time is extremely valuable. This is where my superpowers come into play: I simplify the complex and cut to the chase. 

We start with 3 Human Potential Coaching sessions to get to know each other and set the foundations, and then you can schedule an unlimited number of 20-minute power sessions for a period of 6 months. You’ll also have access to curated resources.

Make a free appointment to see if this option is for you—it isn’t if you hate change, don’t want to do the work, and don’t want to improve your life.



For anyone who wants to push their limits, together, we’ll build your life as a biohacker performing at your very best with these extra tools:

  • Shadowing. I accompany you for a full day to help you analyze your environment to find what makes you weak and what makes you strong (kryptonite analysis).

  • Personalized pack of quantification and monitoring tools and devices. After developing your biohacking roadmap, we will determine and put in place the adapted tools you choose to use.

  • Additional one-hour sessions.

  • Extended access to power sessions.


Discovery call

Sign up for a free discovery call (by phone or videoconference).


Contact me to find out more about our programs, coaching and training tailored for organizations.

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