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Reclaim your time. Tame distraction.

Overwhelmed, overbooked, and productivity at zero. This is the age of distraction and information overload. Tech stress. We all need to figure out how to use our devices in a way that reduce distraction, stress, and leave us time to live our lives.

  • Nearly one employee out of two (43%) feels exhausted by the constant flow of information.

  • More than 1 in 3 experience information overload (39%), or feel completely overwhelmed (36%).

  • A full 27% feel they don’t have enough time to manage all the information they receive.

  • Older generations feel that millennials have one up on them.

  • 18- to 29-year-olds are actually more stressed (48% vs. 35% overall workforce), more overwhelmed (44% vs. 36%), less focused (44% vs. 32%), and more disoriented by managing their workload (33% vs. 22%).

The results are undeniable: absenteeism, turnover, accidents, lower creativity and productivity, burnout, to name a few.

Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.
— Christian Lous Lange, upon receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, 1921


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Be a Master not a slave to technology

Technology is breaking down our limits of time and space. An endless flow of information multiplies the complexity of our daily life. So how can we transform overwhelm into a source of something positive? How can we be masters rather than slaves to technology? The answer lies in intentional use.

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How can we adapt easily to rapid technological change? And to change in general? How can we stay focused in the face of constant distraction? I propose tailored training in stress, time and focus management. Some examples include:

  • Intentional Use: Digital Wellbeing and Managing Technostress

  • Taming Distraction: Productivity and Performance Amidst Information Overload

  • Clear Focus through Vision, Values, and Mission

  • Personal Narratives as a Tool to Stay Focused

All training is adapted to the organization and individual needs, tailored to the expectations of the participants.

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Human Potential Coaching is a developmental approach to coaching, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (of which I am a member), that combines top-of-the-line whole-person coaching with tools and strategies based on positive psychology, the psychology of success, nutrition, and the latest research in neuroscience. It is adapted to individuals, organizations, and groups.

Accessible to everyone, Human Potential Coaching can help individuals adapt to their environment holding onto intrinsic qualities and motivation. It can help improve stress management and focus, as well as boost emotional intelligence. It can help individuals to go further and access their full potential while maintaining work-life balance.

It can also help people master their time and focus.