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Reconnect to perform

In a complex and ever-changing world where organizations face acceleration, uncertainty, volatility, people make the difference. Businesses need people able to adapt and evolve constantly. They need people at the top of our game, focused on objectives, committed, and motivated. What gets in the way? Stress is the number one obstacle. And well-being plays a key role. Did you know that happy employees are 12% more productive and that 60% of team members feel more motivated at work when companies consider their well-being? Reconnecting with physical and emotional well-being gets people back online to perform at their best.

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Human potential coaching is a method of developmental coaching, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), that adopts a whole-person approach, using contributions, tools, and strategies from positive psychology, the psychology of success, and the latest research in neuroscience.

It allows individuals to adapt to their environment while maintaining their intrinsic qualities and motivation. These techniques, combined with biohacking, are very popular in circles that require high levels of physical and cognitive performance—Silicon Valley executives, Navy SEALs, and high-level athletes.

Human potential coaching can help people to better manage their stress, to boost their focus and motivation, and to understand emotional intelligence.

In addition to being a certified human potential coach, I am an expert in mindfulness, meditation, and tai chi, all innovative tools to boost creativity, productivity, and well-being at work.

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In addition to individual and group coaching, I offer training on time management, focus, and productivity. Courses include:

  • Managing technostress

  • Productivity and performance

  • Vision, values, and mission

  • Storytelling serving business

  • Clarifying your message

These training courses are entirely tailored to an organization’s needs and to participant expectations. For French businesses, we are an “organisme de formation dadatocké.“



Movement at work

Three out of four employees are not active enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition to overall health, physical activity increase blood circulation to the brain and boosts cognitive ability. The benefits include greater focus, more creativity, better memory, and less stress. I organize talks and workshops focused on introducing more movement on the job.

What about sleep?

Sleep deficit has an immediate negative impact on the body and the mind, reducing emotional control, impacting mood, and diminishing self-control. According to Deloitte, from an organizational point of view, lack of sleep directly impacts performance, the capacity to learn, to concentrate and to retain information. Insufficient sleep makes people emotionally unstable, puts them in a bad mood, and could be linked to aggressive behavior and even behavior that crosses ethical boundaries. These factors have a negative impact on team work and individual performance.

I organize talks, workshops, and group awareness-raising events regarding the importance of sleep and how to get better sleep.


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