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Optimize your energy and master your time

You’re a high performer, with a maxed out schedule, demands on your time, stress, and responsibilities. Even when you’re physically and emotionally drained, you have to keep going. People depend on you.

You don’t have the luxury of not having enough energy.

And you don’t have the time to wade through thousands of wellness practices to find what works for you.

How can you give it all at work and with your family and friends? Start by optimizing your energy and mastering your time so you can focus on what matters most to you. There are no magic formulas, but there are proven methods.

Optimize your ecosystem for energy

Move for momentum

Tech&No Stress to master time and focus 


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3 ways to optimize your energy right now


Optimize your ecosystem: a roadmap to more energy


Optimized. Energized. is a simple, personalized approach based on biohacking and human potential coaching giving you a roadmap to have more energy and experience time differently.

We’ll review your goals, motivations, habits, and priorities to optimize your individual ecosystem. I’ve done the legwork for you and will guide you to better understand how your body and mind work together so you can reboot, rebalance your energy and focus, and reconnect with who you really want to be. I challenge you to commit and transform theory into practice.

What will you do when you have more energy and time?


What is biohacking?

It’s the art and science of optimizing your body, mind, and environment to find a state of optimal performance through the use of personalized hacks adapted to your individual lifestyle and goals.

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move more for momentum


Movement creates momentum, and yet, we are more and more sedentary. Three out of four people do not move enough. It’s no surprise that stress is epidemic. Physical activity releases stress and boosts concentration, creativity, and memory.

However, our body is not made for sports. It’s just made to move all the time. It’s time to inspire yourself and your teams to get moving where you spend most of your time—at work.


Who am I?

You want to do everything, have everything, and be everything for everyone. I’ve been there. I followed my passions and was overwhelmed by the details. Just when I needed more time, more energy, and more of everything, I was exhausted, unable to play with my daughter at the end of the day and no edge at work. That is when I realized the meaning of my quest: to understand everyday human performance to have more energy and more time.

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Tech&no stress to master time and focus


In a world devouring our time, the future is unfolding faster than ever before. We need to differentiate speed and haste.

Experiencing technology intentionally in ways that do not increase our stress levels is key to creating a positive future.

In addition to individual coaching, I train in digital wellbeing, time management, concentration and focus, and taming distraction to remain productive in a digital madhouse.


My toolbox

My method is both an art and a science, highly tailored to who you are as an individual. Together, we take a whole-person approach, using tools and strategies from nutrition, positive psychology, psychology of success, the latest research in neuroscience, and traditional practices, served up by a Certified Human Potential Coach.

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